Management Consulting & Administrative Services

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Syndication of physician investors
  • Physician recruitment
  • Implant/Medical supply vendor negotiations
  • Procurement of medical and office equipment
  • Assist in the determination of procedure charge structure and pricing
  • Negotiate payer contracts

Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement Standards

  • Apply for business licenses, permits, and tax payer’s ID
  • Oversee compliance, licensure, and accreditation programs
  • Acquire necessary insurance policies: (liability, workers comp, malpractice, health insurance, etc)

Financial Performance

  • Compilation and review of entity financial statements, which include, but are not limited to the Balance Sheet and Income Statement
  • Financial benchmarking
  • Budget and proforma compilation
  • Presentation of financial contribution margin monthly by physician

Required Personnel

  • Recruit and hire ASC staff members including, but not limited to the administrator, OR staff, Pre-Op/PACU staff, sterile processing staff, and business office personnel.
  • HR Management
  • Recruit and hire anesthesia services

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Billing and collections supervision
  • Accounts receivable supervision
  • Continuous management of payer contracts

Real Estate Development

  • Loan Applications
  • Negotiation of loan terms
  • Oversee architect’s, engineer’s, and general contractors’, compliance, pricing, and compatibility
  • Execute leases with reputable tenants

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